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[blpsq007] John Massey - Broken Defense

Just when you think it's safe to let your guard down, these dark slamming techno grooves will assault your mind with unrelenting drive. We're proud to present a package of Pacific Northwestern flavored beats full of eerie atmospheres and texture, on target to destroy any abandoned warehouses in its sonic path.

Broken Defense*
Broken Defense (The Automatic Message Remix)***
Subluxation (Sone's Reduction)****
Subluxation (Revy Remix)*****

Audio Mastering:
* by Chris McCormack
** by Let's Go Outside
*** by Pheek
**** by Dietrich Schoenemann
***** by Revy

Visualization by The Automatic Message

Download Complete Release:
320 kbps mp3 - archive - sonicsquirrel
lossless flac - archive

Stream - archive - sonicsquirrel