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[blpsq013] Nacho Monetto - pfirsich ep

A new face in the blpsq crew, Nacho Monetto from Argentina, is the driving force behind these concoctions of quirky and spaced out microscopic glitchgroove. Unique organic textures and infectious rhythms coalesce into a very versatile collection of tracks, futher broken down into four diverse remixes, and eventually visualized into refracted and digitized nostalgia.

Bottles on the Grass
Douleur ‡ la Cheville
Escondido Detr·s de Ti
Bottles on the Grass (Julio Portillo's Low & Slow Remix)
Douleur ‡ la Cheville (Jay Phonic's Helvetic Remix)
Douleur ‡ la Cheville (Bobo Lo Remix)
Pfirsich (Sven Laux's The Pfirsich Et La Cheville Remix)

Escondido Detr·s de Ti Visualization by Revy

Download Complete Release:
320 kbps mp3 - archive - sonicsquirrel
lossless flac - archive

Stream - archive - sonicsquirrel