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[blpsq014] Lowbard - Human Organic

As summer comes to a close, warm days melt away and the cold air flows in. Perpetual change, evolving landscape, and an opportunity for introspect all seem to be central concepts in this deep and thoughtful release from Lowbard (aka SeQ). Featuring mindbending reinterpretations from Ehn and Storlon, and striking visual contributions from J.Mangelinckx & Silvana Rogazione.

Cold Days
Human Organic
Fidget One (Bonus Mutant Horse Short Mix)
Hypochondriac (Ehn Remix)
Cold Days (Storlon Warm Days Edit)

Cold Days (Storlon Warm Days Edit) Visualization by Silvana Rogazione
Cover Artwork by Jonathan Mangelinckx

Download Complete Release:
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lossless flac - archive

Stream - archive - sonicsquirrel